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About Quado

Quado Media was founded to unite family and friends through games. Avid lovers of board games, we developed a unique technology that transforms traditional board games into smart devices. Our patented technology adds new dimension, life, richness, and accessibility to board games. At Quado Media, we redefine the boundaries of playing together, allowing any device to connect anywhere in the world.

Our Philosophy

We love board games!
Our unique technology was developed with the intention to reclaim the social experiences of games. Our mission is to bring families and friends together in a fun, creative, exciting new way through the power of play. We believe that the best games are those that promote social interaction and closeness; playing a board game provides you with an activity that everyone can participate in. Now more than ever, play your childhood favorites on your smart devices.

Quado enables people to play board games with their family and friends on their smart devices without losing the magical experience of playing together.


With us, it's more than just a mobile game! We bring back the value into the art of playing together! Quado provides you with game experiences that allow you to easily connect all your digital devices and play with the people you care about most: family and friends. Now more than ever, play your favorite game. Play it anywhere, anytime, with anyone, on tablets and smartphones.
Quado - Experience the Game!


Game licensor, rediscover your game!
How often do you get to participate in a movement that is touching the lives of so many around the world? That’s the power of play! Quado is the rendezvous of board games and mobile devices. We transform physical board games to digital devices. Our patented technology adds new dimension, life, richness, and accessibility to board games. We’ve created a platform to share the classic traditional games in an exciting application at the touch of a fingertip. Join the Quado movement to unite family and friends from all over the globe. Partner with us to bring the power of play to thousands of enthusiastic board games fans. We invite game licensors to rediscover their games in the new media and reach a larger audience!
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We are about much more than mobile games! We are about a collaborative community. We incorporate social component to educational games to bring learners together. Making the learning experience fun, our games reinforce the power of play and learning. We invite educators to partner with us to foster enjoyment into learning.

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